One of the aspects of owning a business that small business owners struggle with the most is marketing. They may be adept at creating product, registering a trade mark, dealing with customers, or budgeting for expenses, but hopeless at sales. But it is marketing that brings in the customers that support a business, so this aspect should never be overlooked, no matter how distasteful you find it. Here are some easy marketing strategies you might want to try out for your business.


Customers can't patronize your business if they don't know it exists, so one of the key facets of any marketing strategy is advertising. You must get the word out about your dental practice for example, so make sure they appear in newspaper ads, on billboards, in store flyers, and anywhere else you think they might catch the attention of your target audience. You can also promote yourself at trade shows, through business cards, and during cold calls or meetings with potential clients. At the Newmarket clinic of AppleTree Dental for instance, the doctors say that the frequently use facebook ads and mail flyers to let customers in their area know that they are always accepting new patients.


What most marketing firms aim to do through advertising is to create space in the customer's brain for the company to live. To do that, there must be a simple message which can be conveyed by a name or logo. This is known as branding. In marketing it's an attempt to associate some sort of need (for a new car, for instance) with your company by giving it a name and slogan that are instantly recognizable by potential customers, reminding them that if they need what you have, to come to you.

Customer Service

Of course, once you get a customer in the door you need to get him or her to not only stay there long enough to spend their money but also to come back and bring their friends. Most marketing firms will recommend that your firm do this by treating people well. By being nice to your customers and going out of your way to give them what they want, they will be inclined to think well of your company and to pass on these good feelings to others who will become potential customers.

Social Networking

One of the most modern marketing approaches uses the internet, in particular, the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can get someone to create the campaign for you with the aim to have your customers think of your business as cool and hip and belonging to their circle of friends. Human beings are notorious for nepotism, so if they've been reading status updates on you for the last few months, they're going to come to you when they need what you have.

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